the drama i've been craving

who cares that barely played for an hour? who cares that i couldn’t hear carrie brownstein’s voice very well? who cares that for most of the show the view of my new hero janet weiss was blocked by a guy even taller than myself? none of that could possibly have ruined the show. sleater-kinney did their best to rescue rock and roll last night, smiling and snarling and shrieking and strumming and slamming and seducing us into becoming acolytes. they played “i wanna be your joey ramone” and “turn it on”, my two favourite s-k songs. they played practically every song i really wanted to hear. they left me wanting nothing.

sleater-kinney and the trail of dead own my soul.

the hours…

…was crap. nicole kidman, julianne moore and meryl streep all played…well, they all played meryl streep in every other movie. ed harris acted like a high school drama geek trying to impress his girl/boyfriend. only allison janney (because she’s the best) and claire danes (because she’s hot) made it worth watching. i was so bored that i became very aware of how tired i was getting, and how sore my ass was. it’ll probably win best picture, and nicole kidman will probably win best actress, but it was all – say it with me now – crap.