After an unsuccessful attempt to see Michael Moore’s new movie Fahrenheit 9/11 Friday night (the Cumberland was sold out for the 7:00, 7:40 and 9:30 shows), we tried again at a different theatre last night. Fortunately, friends picked up the tickets way in advance and heeded the theatre employee’s advice to “get there early”. There was already a line for the theatre – I’ve never seen a line for any movie at Canada Square before – but it started moving as soon as we arrived.

The movie is playing at a lot of theatres here in Toronto. 5 or 6 theatres downtown, several more in the ‘burbs…and not just small theatres either. The giant multiplexes too. Early reports say it took is >$8MM on Friday alone, and by Sunday night should surpass the total box office of Bowling For Columbine, to date the top-grossing documentary ever. Even more amazing, Fahrenheit 9/11 could win the weekend while playing on fewer than 900 screens. Most films that win opening weekend play on 2,500+ screens.

The review is here.

Fahrenheit 9/11

Saw Michael Moore’s new documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 (official site | rotten tomatoes | imdb) last night. It was as I expected: heavily slanted against Bush (of course), a bit sketchy on the linkages & conclusions at times, and a lot to take in all at once, but it’s as advertised: a simmering 2-hour indictment of Bush as puppet, idiot and all-around shitty president.

Don’t worry, he lambastes others as well: the usual suspects (Rumsfeld, Cheney, Ashcroft, etc.), democrats (for not fighting back against the Supreme Court decision to uphold the fake election results, for not trying to stop the war against Iraq, etc.), evil companies (Halliburton, Enron, United Defense, the Carlson Group, etc.) and more.

But most of his vitriol is saved for Bush, and he makes no secret of this. Anyone who asks Michael Moore if his movie is unbiased will get laughed at. He has an agenda here, and well he should. While pushing a man out of the white house may not be the typical role for a documentarian, Moore is saying things that need to be said and showing images that need to be showed. How many people ever saw footage of Bush’s limo being pelted by eggs on inauguration day? How many of us saw the kind of images from Iraq, of dead toddlers and torn limbs and the like, shown on the news? How many of us got to hear angry screeds from soldiers about what a waste the Iraq war is? None of us have even seen pictures of the coffins of American soldiers returning home, as the White House doesn’t want our delicate sensibilities upset by the idea of soldiers being killed (though it should be noted that this policy was established by Bush Sr. during Gulf War I). Moore’s movie shows us things Bush and his handlers don’t want their own public to see. It shows us in such a way that we leave the theatre in mild disbelief, with anger to spare. Hopefully it lasts until November.

The quote that Bush so clumsily tries to get out at the end of the film is, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” If the American voters elect this warmongering idiot again, they’ll truly go down in history as the greatest fools of all.


Irony: the Dyke March is about to start, practically outside my window, and I just heard “It’s Raining Men” blasting through somebody’s loudspeakers.

Tomorrow (the big Gay Pride parade) should be fun. I’m essentially surrounded by the two parade routes (today’s and tomorrow’s), so some friends are meeting us tomorrow; we’re gonna slap on some sunscreen, drink some water and go watch on Yonge Street. It’s a spectacle!!


from The Big Ticket: bush compares democrats to nazis

Anybody remember a few months back, when MoveOn.org got in a bit of trouble with their “Bush in 30 Seconds” contest? Hundreds & hundreds of ads were submitted & put on the website for people to vote on, and one (not a finalist, mind you) compared the Bush administration to the nazis. When this was pointed out to MoveOn.org, it was removed from the competition, but of course that didn’t stop right-wing pundits from using it to rail against democrats & the “liberal” media.

BTW: CBS refused to air the winning ad during the Super Bowl, choosing instead to show their support for men who can’t get it up.

Hypocrisy knows no bounds. As pointed out on the Randi Rhodes show (streaming 3-7pm ET on Air America Radio), a new video ad on the front page of Dubya’s official campaign website shows clips of Al Gore, Michael Moore, Dick Gephardt & John Kerry intercut w/clips of Hitler in an attempt to compare the angry statements of “John Kerry’s Democratic Party” to fascist nazi chants, while championing George W. Bush’s “optimism”.


Go check it out before they get pressured into taking it down. If it is taken down & you don’t get a chance to see it, let me know – I downloaded the thing because I am in such disbelief. Wow.


More and more these days I find myself enjoying football (real football that is, better known to North Americans as soccer), especially now that Euro2004 is on. I think if it were more readily available here – apart from major tournaments like Euro or the World Cup it currently only gets sporadic play on Sportsnet and Fox Sports World – and if I better understood the organization of the premier leagues, I’d be obsessed with it. I find it much more watchable than baseball or “American” football, but still not as much as hockey or basketball.

The best part? A 90 minute game, no commercial breaks, no TV timeouts, just a quick halftime and then 45-50 minutes of nonstop play. I LOVE that.