I’m not a Red Sox fan. I don’t even care that much about baseball. But I know that I dislike the Yankees (and before you accuse me of being a bandwagon jumper, I’ve always disliked them…they have too much money, they have Steinbrenner and they act awfully high and mighty for a team that hasn’t won the series in several years). So watching them win this series, coming back from a 3-0 deficit to beat the team they hate the most, the team behind the curse, (which has never been done before)…well, it was amazing. I watched Ortiz hit the home run in game 4 to keep them alive. I saw him drive in the winning run in game 5 to make it close. I saw some of game 6, where Curt Schilling went all “The Natural” on us and pitched a spectacular game on an ankle so badly damaged that it was bleeding through his sock, and where A-Rod tried to karate chop his way to first base. And I saw them crush the Yankees last night, in front of the home crowd.

I’d have to say that even if the Sox lose the series, they’ll still revel in the memories of the win over the Yankees (despite cries of the curse living on). Many are calling this the greatest series ever played. I’m no baseball historian but I think you’d be hard pressed to make an argument against that. I’m pulling for them to win it all, if for not other reason than that I never want to hear Bill Buckner’s name again.

Oh, and lest you forget, Jim Edmonds cranked a home run in the bottom of the 12th last night to force game 7 in the NLCS. That goes tonight.

Oh, come on!!

Despite being the bestselling book in the country, Jon Stewart’s America doesn’t appeal to the average Wal-Mart customer. At least that’s what the minds behind the retail behemoth have chosen to believe. The chain canceled its order for the book after learning that page 99 features a doctored photo of nine naked bodies with the heads of the Supreme Court justices attached.

So WalMart doesn’t sell any movies that contain frontal nudity? I’m willing to bet there’s a copy of, say, Titanic floating around one of their stores.

From Yahoo: Wal-Mart Nixes Stewart’s “America”


If I were still a drummer, I’d probably be feeling real, palpable fear just about now. Granted, it can’t possibly provide nuanced playing, but stilll…how long before that’s programmable too? That said, if you can build a robot like this, how hard can it really be to have one that holds a bass/guitar and plucks strings while pressing & bending certain combinations of frets?

And to think…they named it after a god of drumming. It’d be like a guy named Jesus trying to bring down the Catholic church…

Sigh…reminds me of the old joke: “How many drummers does it take to screw in a light bulb? None! They have machines for that now!”

Like Ohio, I can't decide who to vote for.

I’m having a hard time choosing who to vote for in the contest of Greatest Canadians. I’ve split the top ten list into 3 groups: “contenders”, “almost contenders” and “no fucking way”.

Contenders: Frederick Banting, Tommy Douglas, Terry Fox, Lester B. Pearson and Pierre Elliott Trudeau
Almost contenders: Alexander Graham Bell, Sir John A. Macdonald, David Suzuki and Wayne Gretzky
No fucking way: Don Cherry.

Two things: 1) I’m having a very hard time picking between my top five; 2) Don Cherry…really? You guys? Seriously?


Watched a movie yesterday that I’ve been wanting to see since it was at last year’s Film Festival: Baadasssss! (imdb | metacritic). Back then it was called How To Get The Man’s Foot Outta Your Ass, a title I liked much better. Anyhoo…

It was really, really good. Mario Van Peebles played his father Melvin, and another actor played the part of young Mario. It must be weird as an actor doing lines with someone who’s playing you. The story just hammers you over the head with how hard it was to make an indie film in those days (really, indie films didn’t exist), and with the toll it took on Melvin.

Oh, it introduced me to the hottest actress I’ve seen in a long time. My goodness.