• I just watched the tape of Ken Jennings losing on Jeopardy. 74-time champion, $2.5MM. Of course, everyone knew it was coming tonight, but I still felt a little bit sad. He, on the other hand, seemed quite relieved. I loved the audible gasp from the audience though…
  • I also just saw my favourite team eliminated from The Amazing Race. Lena and Kristy (the two hot girls) lost after a run of the worst luck I’ve ever seen.
  • Zip.cafucked me over. Because they kept losing the DVDs that were shipped to me, they decided to cancel my membership. I didn’t lose any DVDs, and I sure as hell didn’t steal them, but they cancelled my membership anyway. No warning, no investigation into what actually happened to the DVDs. Fucking idiots. They just pissed off a good customer, one who holds a grudge and likes to create pissy websites.



I’m writing this on my laptop, while sitting on my living room couch. I’ve just set up my nifty new 802.11g networking gear, and have a strong signal going.

If only I didn’t have to leave for basketball, I do believe I’d sit here all night, staring at both laptop and TV.

Pre-ordering is my reward

Ever since I told FutureShop to ship to my office rather than my condo, I get all my packages early…as in, the day before they’re released to the general public early. Spider-Man 2 (imdb | rotten tomatoes) just showed up at my desk, a day before most other people get it. And it looks like, even though I ordered it at $26.99 a month ago, they dropped the price to match today’s sale: $22.99.

FShop doesn’t have the selection that Amazon has, but their prices and their shipping (always free, always fast, willing to ship in pieces rather than all-in) make them my preferred option these days.


I saw 2 weird things yesterday while out and about: 1) an old blind man, walking through the concourse at the Manulife Centre, singing “The Star Spangled Banner”; 2) a man pushing a stroller that held two sleeping kids. One of the kids was wearing a deerstalker.