Whew. I’m glad that’s over. We did the presentations this afternoon, and it went pretty well. 8 of us played some basketball after that, so now I feel great! All that remains now is…the exam. I plan to eat my pizza (Russ and I couldn’t bear the thought of any more cafeteria food), study for a couple of hours, hit the bar for a few drinks, then come back here and get my shit together so that I can take off out of here tomorrow in a right quick hurry.


In the home stretch now. Finalizing the powerpoint file and document, getting ready to run through the presentation for the first time. By dinnertime tomorrow I’ll feel like I’m in the home stretch, even though I’ll still have the exam to study for. Not worried about that though.

Watch, now I’ll go and fail…

The Arcade Fire

Funeral is saving my sanity right now. Not enough sleep, too much writing about something I don’t know, too little space in rooms with too many people. Only this disc and my headphones are keeping me from going right ’round the bend. God bless those boys (and that girl).


Oy. It’s 12:30, and I’ve just finished writing for the night. We started at 7 and went to 11:30 before I came back to my room and wrote for another hour. On Thursday we have to hand in a 10-12 page report and present a 20-minute synopsis of that report. Right now I’d say the powerpoint slides are about 70% done, the document is about 50% done and we haven’t even thought about how we’re going to present it. We have tomorrow evening to figure all that out.

Hooray, group assignments!!


3 days down, 2 to go. Well, kinda. We’ll be working late again tonight, and I have the exam Friday morning, but that’ll only take a few hours and I’ll be home before noon, in time to relax and enjoy the weekend.

Not bad so far. Good group, relatively interesting class, having fun with the other class members. Will undoubtedly need drink(s) again tonight. Only regret is that I haven’t made it to the gym yet. I’m hoping to get down there tomorrow night or Thursday and shoot some hoop.

In other news, they keep making me think there’s actually hope.