My blackberry just forced me to change my password. I don’t like mandatory password changes, so I chose to make “fuckyou” my new password. I am raging against the machine. Security restrictions suxorz.


Day 2 is now done. I have a little work to do before Heroes comes on, and then I’ll meet with my group to figure out what needs to be done for our Thursday presentation.

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No sooner do we move away from Hayden Street than a woman is found murdered (presumably) in a TTC stairway there. We walked by that stairwell every time we took the subway, as the exit’s just a few steps from our old place, but never actually took the stairs as homeless people camped out in there and it was usually pretty foul-smelling.


Time Canada has an article about Porter, the airlines flying out of the Toronto Island airport. It doesn’t seem to be the best-researched article, but it caught my eye because we’re starting to consider Porter as an option. If we want to fly to Montreal, the prospect of a quick trip from our condo to the island airport is more attractive than the $50 cab ride and 90 minute wait involved in flying out of Pearson. And if Porter starts flying to Halifax (which they plan to do) and New York (which they’re applying to do), the idea gets even more attractive.

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OK, must brush teeth and head off to class. I think today we’re talking about teh internetz. I believe it is a series of tubes.

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Well that was a pretty easy first day. S’gonna be a looooong week though. Heading to the bar in a few minutes to relax. Will locate ice cream bar first.

Hey…as of 8:00 AM tomorrow morning, I am exactly 2/3 of the way through this mofo. Cue the heavenly choirs.


Kickin' it old skool

I can’t believe I just used a 0% movie as the inspiration for my post title.


I’m back on course. It gets underway in an hour and ends five days from now. I don’t think this one will be too tough — it’s an IT course — so I’m actually thinking I’ll have time to get some real work done. I’m still trying to catch up after last week.

We had brunch with CBGB this morning. We didn’t have much time and it was a little early (kind of a pre-brunch brunch…and no, that’s not necessarily breakfast) so we just went down the street to the Hothouse Cafe. Better that than start on the cafeteria food before I absolutely have to.

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Hey look…other stuff is happening besides me moving!

Found while trying to get control of the RSS tide:

  • BlogTO reviews The Ghosts Of Abu Ghraib. With all the packing and such I forgot to write the film when we saw it at Hot Docs a week ago.  It was an excellent documentary; director Rory Kennedy let the story tell itself by interviewing the Abu Ghraib guards who were convicted for their role in the torture, and gave context by framing the story with the findings of the Milgram experiment. Excellent documentary. Highly recommended.
  • I agree with Esquire’s Angry German’s rant on punctuality. Next to smoking, being late is the fastest way to make me think you’re an inconsiderate jackass. Not occasionally late, mind you; I know things sometimes happen. But there are those people who’re just perpetually late, and those people are asshats.
  • The Quill & Quire’s blog points to a discussion between Lynn Coady and Christy Ann Conlin. Both Nova Scotian writers, they wonder whether it’s easier to write about where you’re from, or to write about a place if you’re “from away.”
  • Kirsten Dunst likes The Arcade Fire and Regina Spektor. ‘Cause I didn’t think she was hot enough already…

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"This day is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s"

If you watched The Office last night that title will make a lot more sense. And if you watched 30 Rock, you might’ve heard Tina Fey yell “I will slice you open like a taun-taun!” And then you might’ve heard me yowl with laughter.


Another day, another bunch of boxes unpacked. The books are now taken care of, and the kitchen is close to done. Next thing is to set up the TV and stereo before I leave Sunday morning, and get the empty boxes collapsed and taken out. Also have to get to Dove Cleaners; I’ve got a stain on a suit jacket that looks as if I’ve been lactating. Nobody wants that visual.


Choosing between #1 and #1a is hard. And when you love them both, having to choose at all sucks. Sorry that’s cryptic, but it concerns stuff I don’t usually talk about here. It was gut-wrenching, but I guess there are worse problems than having to choose between the two best options I’ve ever had.

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Is April over yet?

The tiredness isn’t going away. Had a pretty hectic day, and tomorrow looks to be about the same as I get ready to leave for a week. Took a break tonight to eat some dinner (pizza…I skipped lunch and we got home late, so it was the best…pizza…ever!), watch The Office and 30 Rock, and unpack the DVDs. Tomorrow’ll be another late one but I hope to get lots more unpacking done while I watch the Raptors game.

That cat better shut up tonight or he’ll be getting a shoe in the head.

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Ch-ch-changes and f-f-fax tones

It was very, very strange this morning to actually commute to work. For the past five years I’ve been able to walk 5 minutes to my office, but today I had to take the subway. It was only a few stops, but still…it means (gasp!) I can’t go home for lunch.

Eating at my desk instead of on the couch…hmmph. This is not the lifestyle to which I’ve become accustomed…


Still tired. The cats (or cat, rather; Sonny’s having the time of his life and not whining at all) weren’t so bad last night, but a fax machine called us at midnight and then again at 4 AM. That was a treat. Then, this morning, our stuff is all over the place so our usual morning routine was all disrupted and I couldn’t find anything, resulting in me wearing a belt that doesn’t match my shoes. Oh, the humanity. I’m hoping to get most of the stuff sorted out, set up and put away before I leave on course this weekend.

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Line 'em up, knock 'em down

So tired. Once again Michael kept us up from about 4:30, but at least he seems to be better today. Less scared, emerging to hang out with us, climbing on furniture, etc. Now if we could just get him to sleep through the night…

After work today we popped down the street to C’est What; the Amsterdam spring bock was tasty, as was the food (falafel, yam frites and antijitos), and it was nice to just chill for an hour outside of the apartment.  When we got back we unpacked a few boxes; once we have the bookcases in place I can start unpacking all the books, which would free up enough space to unpack the desk, and I could set up the computer. Likewise, once the kitchen boxes are unpacked we can move the table, and I can set up the TV & stereo. Like dominos, wrapped in packing tape.

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