The best defense against ribs

Normally after I write an exam I’d just come home and crash, but today I had things to do. I dropped my stuff and went up to the office; I wanted to get moved into my desk so I could hit the ground running Tuesday morning. I shared a brownie with T-Bone, caught up on some email, waited for Nellie so I could show her my new floor and then headed home. On the way I bumped into two of my classmates on Bloor; they’re hanging around the city for the weekend.  Now I’m home, catching up on a bunch of stuff, waiting for Nellie and her mom (who’s visiting) to make pizza. Tomorrow, when I have more energy we’ll visit the Distillery District.


If I lived in London today, I’d buy one of these t-shirts.


Thank goodness the Toronto Ribfest has moved out to Centennial Park (wherever the hell that is). I don’t think I could bear to have it just around the corner on Front Street this year.

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Heading in soon to write my exam. I would say that I studied/prepared less for this exam than for any other exam in my life. Still, I feel totally confident.

Uhhh…you might wanna wish me luck just in case though…




Joe posts songs of little girls singing cute songs…I post ICHC pictures.


Maybe a commodity isn’t really a commodity anymore:

“Thirty years ago, bottled water barely existed as a business in the United States. Last year, we spent more on Poland Spring, Fiji Water, Evian, Aquafina, and Dasani than we spent on iPods or movie tickets–$15 billion. It will be $16 billion this year.”

[from Fast Company]


The pizza earlier was goooood. I’ve packed some of my stuff, I’ve reviewed a tiny bit and I’ve watched most of the draft. Oden-Durant 1-2, who’d have guessed it? Anyway, I’m gonna head over for a drink soon and then chill…maybe watch Studio 60 too.

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OK, the presentations are over. All that’s left now is to [ahem] study for the exam.


As a complete aside, there are two sounds that send shivers down my spine: two pieces of styrofoam rubbing together, and the laugh of a lifelong smoker.


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Here’s how tired I was last night: I was in bed shortly after 10, and I was asleep by around 10:30. I tried to watch the end of the Jays game, but was apparently unsuccessful as I woke up at 4:00 with the TV still on and the remote under my hand.


We’re first to present after lunch, so around 1:30 this afternoon we’ll be done and I’ll be on easy street. The exam isn’t worrying me either; my plans tonight consist largely of watching the NBA draft.



No bar tonight, I’m bagged. Sitting in air as heavy as cotton, drinking a few beers, eating a big meal and eschewing caffeine for the afternoon pretty much wiped me out; we managed to get our executive summary finished before I came back to my room, called Nellie and began the slow descent into alcoholism sleep.


A few seconds ago I was looking for the Jays game and flipped by Paris Hilton talking to Larry King. If that’s her idea of “acting less stupid” she should be sentenced to 21 days in a library.


[UPDATE] Ye gods, look at the post title…it’s the decimal of the beast!

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OK, for polls like this people always pick what’s fresh in their minds rather than stopping to think about it for half a second, but it’s pretty hard to argue with #1. That song makes me want to claw my own ears off in the same way that “More Than Words” did many years ago.

“James Blunt’s hit You’re Beautiful has been deemed the most irritating song of all time, according to a global online poll by a U.K.-based firm.”

[from CBC]


By the way, I don’t know why I have mentioned this before, ’cause it might just be my most favouritest news of the year: The alternate title of the Arcade Fire‘s “Antichrist Television Blues” is “Joe Simpson”. Yup, the father of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson; the song’s an indictment of a creepy man. Well done, AF.


Off to find beer and dinner, in that order.

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This is weird. As of noon today we were essentially done the class…just a bunch of prep for tomorrow’s presentation, and then the exam. There’s really nothing to study either, so I might get actual work work done tomorrow night after ordering pizza.



Apparently Bruce Burger of Venice, FL has never seen the movie Happy Gilmore. If he had, this never would have happened:

One-eyed gator pulls golfer into pond [CNN]



I love my group. We are blazing fast because we occupy the tricky ground between lazy and efficient. And, dare I say, a little brilliant.

Well, no, I daren’t say that. But we’re not messing around, that’s for sure.

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