From the short list of 28 films we’ve now made our 1st and 2nd choices for the five films we’ll see. Here they are:

  1. The Ape (Apan) (tiff) or The Trotsky (tiff)
  2. Triage (tiff) or Up In The Air (tiff)
  3. The Road (tiff) or Peter Berg Presents: King’s Ransom (tiff)
  4. Whip It (tiff) or Accident (Yi Ngoi) (tiff)
  5. Leslie, My Name Is Evil (tiff) or The Front Line (La Prima Linea) (tiff)

We feel pretty good about those picks. The Peter Berg one seems a little out of place, but we wanted one documentary and Nellie has a sentimental attachment to the Gretzky story. “I lived through that!” is what she said, I believe.

Too bad we only have time to see five, but whatever happens I think it’ll be a solid five.

[UPDATE] Changed our third selection to Valhalla Rising (tiff) as our first choice, and The Road as second choice.

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  1. Well you should see “She, A Chinese” – just got the Locarno prize, I saw it there and it’s fantastic, also “Bena” is a very crazy Israeli film, saw only a rough cut but it blew my mind – and “Kelin” from Kazakhstan, I know the DOP, it looks best.

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