Jeez, what a week. I’m afraid to even come near my scale.

Tuesday was a drink & bite at Richmond Station and dinner at La Bettola.

Wednesday was stellar catering from Food Dudes at an event.

Thursday was my first visit to Buca Yorkville, and holy shit. I mean, holy shit. What a meal, easily one of the best I’ve eaten this year:

  • Starter: three smoked fish from Nova Scotia, including a scallop & lobster sausage (with a glass of Franciacorta)
  • Main: calamarata alla carbonara di mare (pasta with pecorino, cured hen’s egg yolk, white fish roe, and sea urchin bottarga); ravioli di zuzza (pasta stuffed with roasted delicata squash, smoked burrata fonduta, and white truffles); and polipo e vongole (braised octopus, BC clams, veal bone marrow, carvola nero, crisp artichoke, and fregola sarda); all paired with some wine from Mt. Etna that I can’t remember now
  • Dessert: lemon tart with gelato, paired with some kind of sweet wine which also escapes me

Friday was a long day at work, a quick stop for cheese and beer and wine at Boxcar Social, and then meeting some friends for drinks and delicious pork belly steam buns at Bar Hop.

Saturday was all over the place:

  • breakfast at XO Bisous
  • an unsuccessful first visit to Greater Good (it was closed)
  • a successful first visit to Blood Brothers
  • a hurried walk to, and pint at, The Three Speed
  • some purchases at Burdock‘s bottle shop (including their new collaboration with Pearl Morissette)
  • way too much lunch at Libretto
  • a few hours of work followed by espresso back at Boxcar
  • a drink at Weslodge
  • dodging costumed drunks on King Street
  • enough junk food to kill a teenager

Somebody get me a vegetable, post haste.



Cover photo by Patrick Q, used under Creative Commons license

In which brother #2 and I eat and drink our way around Toronto

Brother #2 arrived Friday night, hungry and thirsty after a week of local work. We fixed that.

Friday night we had beers and food at C’est What, along with a surprise Burlchester sighting, and a wee bit of bourbon at home after.

Saturday we started with coffee and scones at XO Bisous, did a little tasting at Left Field, had lunch at The Wren, had one more beer at The Only, saw Star Trek: Beyond (imdb | rotten tomatoes) which was crap, and finally had dinner at Triple A.

This morning we got extra-large coffees from Fahrenheit and then, after running a few errands, ate brunch at Batch. Then he was off, like he was never here except a few pounds heavier.

Come back anytime bro.


Cover photo by Patrick Q, used under Creative Commons license

Myriad(e) delights

Work took me to Montreal last week, and I stayed through the weekend to enjoy a city I see far too rarely. Fortunately I’ll have an excuse to see it a lot more now, so everything described below just represents a sampler of what’s to come.


A dim sum food truck pulled up right outside my work event, so some pork buns got demolished while I talked to startups and VCs.

Dinner was at Modavie wine bar in the old city. The live music was pretty outstanding…the lady had pipes. I ate rillette de canard and crème brûlée and felt very French indeed.


First up: coffee and food from nearby Café Veritas. Pretty solid.

I kind of skipped lunch after meetings at the Montreal office, instead just heading to Café Myriade for a cappuccino and croissant.

After going back to the office for a bit it was time for a quick stop at Brutopia for a brown ale and a bowl of sausage.

After some research, Bocata was the dinner choice, and it was goddamn outstanding: unbelievably soft bread + oil; beef carpaccio; octopus a la gallega; lobster roll w/ fennel, endive, and pear salad; plenty of good wine; and a lemon tart for dessert. I still feel full thinking about it now.


More coffee, this time from the Espace Café. The croissants here were even better.

A morning of work deserved a big-ass brunch, so Maamm Bolduc it was. My omelette was full of chorizo (yay!) and mushrooms (what?) but some careful surgery saved the day.

The day’s true objective, though, was the Dieu du Ciel! brewpub. Oh, the flights!

  1. Ultra Mosaika (pale ale w/ mosaic hops)
  2. Déesse Nocturne (dry stout)
  3. Nativité (blonde hefeweizen)
  4. Rosée d’hibiscus
  5. Résurrection (porter)
  6. Voyageur des brumes (bitter)
  7. Sul’ pouce vers une autre galaxie (IPA w/ galaxy hops)0
  8. Pionnière (imperial black IPA)
  9. Solstice d’été aux cerises (cherry sour wheat)
  10. Rigor Mortis double (abbey double)
  11. Isseki Nicho (imperial dark saison)
  12. Route des Epices (spiced ale)
  13. Tête de Corbeau (pale ale w/ denali hops)

The day’s beerventures weren’t done though, as friends were met at Brouhaha, another top-rated Montreal beer joint. I had three; I honestly can’t remember what anyone else had. I very much remember the food though: Alsacienne flatbread (lardons, caramelized onions, crème fraîche, cheese) and smoked duck wings.

  1. Charlevoix Bootlegger (brown ale)
  2. Brouehaha Saison Voatsiperifery (peppercorn saison)
  3. Charlevoix Vache Folle (imperial milk stout)


Grey, rainy, quiet. A bunch of amazing pastries, coffees, shockingly good beer procured from a Metro grocery store (Péché Mortel! Maudite!), and not wanting to come home. Alas.

Cover photo by Chris Riebschlager, used under Creative Commons license


Last night I, and the rest of Toronto, watched the Jays beat the Texas Rangers in the bottom of the 10th inning, in just about the most dramatic and poetic way possible. That the winning run was scored on a throwing error by Rougned Odor, infamous for punching out Jose Bautista earlier this year (in retaliation for a hard slide into second, but really for the bat flip in last year’s playoffs), was just about the best possible way for the Jays to complete their first-ever series sweep.

Bring on Cleveland. Or Boston. Or whoever.


Cover photo by Chris Riebschlager, used under Creative Commons license

The Dickinson tour

Totally forgot to talk about brother #1’s visit last Sunday. That’s been a rarity — living abroad has meant brother #1’s excursions to Toronto have been few and far between.

After picking him up at his hotel and escaping the hordes of Jays fans + World Cup of Hockey attendees, I took him on a gastro tour familiar to any Dickinson brother: Quantum for coffee, Wvrst for drinks, and Patria for some dinner. It was a beautiful fall day but did cool off a bit. Still, with Patria’s outdoor heaters it was just warm enough to sit outside, even in my t-shirt.


Cover photo by Tom Magliery, used under Creative Commons license