COVID-19: Part the Seventh

In a non-COVID world we’d be in Spain right now. Probably Barcelona, or Valencia. Or maybe San Sebastian. Enjoying the weather (it was 21 degrees in Barcelona today). Drinking Albarino and Jerez. Eating pintxos. Maybe watching some flamenco. Then on to Madrid. Instead I opened a 2001 Rioja.

Still, could be much worse. We remain: home, healthy, gainfully employed (and/or schooled, as the case may be), and well-stocked.

We closed off another busy week with some ill-advised delivery from an Italian place, a nice little walk for me concluding in a pickup at Boxcar Social (which has become a bottle shop for the time being), some online hangout time with our friend Sarah, and a chat with my parents today.

I finished The Plot Against America (imdb | rotten tomatoes) this week. Bit of a twist vs. the book, but not a bad one. Well-handled by Simon and Burns, I thought.

Cover photo from the CBC


I’m still having trouble getting my head around what happened in my home province on Sunday.

Death toll from Nova Scotia gunman’s rampage climbs to 19

That it happened at all in Nova Scotia is hard to believe. That it happened in a place which occupies a hazily-familiar spot in my childhood memories, and where some members of my extended family currently live, is surreal.

We used to have family reunions at my aunt and uncle’s place in Great Village, the next community down the road. We’ve driven that way countless times, as it used to be the primary way to get to Halifax. It’s a name as built into my kid brain as how my dad used to gleefully mispronounce it every time we drove through, as dads do.

My family all seem to be okay, but I imagine they — like the rest of the province — are in shock. Not that. Not there. Not now.


Cover photo from the CBC

COVID-19: Part the Sixth

In a non-COVID world I’d be walking around New York City right now, part of a few extra days I planned to tack on to a work trip. Maybe having a pint at Blind Tiger or Ginger Man. Maybe going over to Brooklyn. Maybe hitting a museum. Maybe just walking around Manhattan.

As it is I’m still here in Toronto, but we’re still healthy, still well-fed, still stocked with wine and gin and whisk(e)y, and still working through a backlog of shows and movies and books. We’ve started watching Community — I’d see it in bits and pieces over the years, but never straight through.

I’ve also ordered Pandemic: Legacy, because I am a sick puppy.

COVID-19: Part the Fifth

The sameness of these days make it difficult to distinguish this week’s post from last week’s. Once again, work was busy. Once again, we did very little else. Yesterday being a holiday I managed to do absolutely no work, and did little else other than finish season 2 of Dirty Money, take a 1-hour walk, and make two meals.

If the world were still normal, at this point I’d be getting ready to head to New York for the latter part of next week. Alas.

COVID-19: part the fourth

This was a busy week work-wise. A lot of meetings. A lot of late-night work. Lots of stuff to do, but not much ability to focus. A bunch of people posted something this week that said, “You’re not working from home. You’re at home, during a crisis, trying to work.” This week felt like that.

This was not a busy week in any other way. We went outside only a few times for short walks. I had a Google Hangout with my brothers back in Nova Scotia, which was nice. We made lots of meals (Well, Lindsay did; I tend to be on cleanup duty) and finished Bojack Horseman (imdb | rotten tomatoes) and Tiger King (imdb | rotten tomatoes).

Still healthy. Still saying sane. But I needed this weekend.