Favourite albums of 2011

Note that I’m calling this post ‘favourite albums’ rather than ‘best albums’. I’m not sure I’m listening to enough music these days to say that this would represent the best of what’s out there in my opinion.

  • …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead . Tao Of The Dead
  • Bon Iver . Bon Iver
  • Elbow . Build A Rocket, Boys!
  • Explosions In The Sky . Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
  • Fucked Up . David Comes To Life
  • Mogwai . Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will
  • Rural Alberta Advantage . Departing

That’s right, I couldn’t even get to a top ten. I listened to plenty more than this, believe me, but not many made enough of an impression that I added them to my personal collection. Granted, I haven’t yet had time to scrutinize the latest from The Black Keys, Cannon Bros, The Decemberists, Bry Webb, Low, Moonface, Sloan, The War On Drugs, Yeasayer, Yuck, Zola Jesus, Girls, The Kills, Radiohead, Real Estate, Sarah Jaffe or Tom Waits. So this list may very well change in a couple of months.