Cover photo by marc falaradeau, used under Creative Commons license

“Full Bloom” might have been a bit ambitious, since it’s supposed to snow tomorrow.

Last Wednesday we reconvened with our friends Kaylea & Matt at “Full Bloom”, a Wine Society of Ontario event at Caren’s in Yorkville. In the crowded upstairs we sampled from three local wineries: Vineland Estates, Henry of Pelham, and Closson Chase.

I never did try HoP’s Baco Noir, but their Cuvée Catherine sparkling rosé is always top-notch. Vineland’s Riesling was drier than most but still too sweet for me — I think I’m just over Riesling now — but their Cab blend is as good as I remember. The real winner for me, though, was Closson Chase. Always one of our favourites from Prince Edward County, their CCV Chardonnay and KJ Watson Pinot were the standouts.

After the event wrapped up a few of us walked over to Fieramosca for a late dinner. It’s been too long since we dropped by, now that we no longer live or work in the area. It was nice to see everyone again. Plus: delicious.


Cover photo by marc falaradeau, used under Creative Commons license

Drive it in

It’s not often we get out of the city on a weekend to spend time at a cottage. Luckily our friends Kaylea and Matt are awesome and invited us up to their place on a quiet, pretty lake on a near-picture-perfect weekend. We ate a lot of food and drank many, many drinks and swam in Bat Lake and cracked up pretty much the whole time. A few of the highlights:

  • A warm lake, perfect for swimming in and boating on
  • A whole brined+smoked+grilled chicken that melted in our mouths
  • One of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen
  • Cherry pie
  • Impromptu dance party
  • Lake of Bays mini-keg!
  • Being the only one of the four of us not to drop a bottle or glass…I did, however, accidentally drop myself into the lake
  • “Give me some ringolos, I’m f*cked!”
  • Ten great bottles of wine, including a special treat: the 2001 Closson Chase Chardonnay I bought at auction a few months back — it seemed a little funky at first but ended up being pretty amazing…it was pretty special to share it at sunset, sitting on a dock with great friends