The loss of an old, tasty friend

Last night I saw some Google hits on my blog with the keywords “js bonbons closed”, and just now Duarte sent me this link. So I guess that confirms it. The website has been replaced with the host’s default page too, so…fare thee well, sweet chocolate shop. I loved you very much.

The Chowhound page says they closed for family reasons. I wish Jenn Stone and her family the best with whatever they’re facing.

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"Make art…make art."

BlogTO is single-handedly trying to kill me, listing the best places to buy chocolate in Toronto. Of course, I was already aware of them, especially JS Bonbons and Soma, but those pictures are making me hungry.


Quick thoughts on the Oscars: for the first time in quite a while I have no problem with any of the winners (or rather, with who didn’t win). Also, it’s a good thing “Falling Slowly” won best original song, ’cause if it’d lost to one of those Disney songs from Enchanted I’d have flown to L.A. and burned the Kodak theatre to the motherfucking ground.

Watch the performance (and acceptance speeches) here at Cinematical.


I just finished reading Incendiary (indigo) and need a new book. Fortunately I own about 60 that I haven’t read yet.

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