Photo by onebadpenny, used under Creative Commons license

“It was not a great presence but a great absence, a geometric ocean of darkness that seemed to swallow heaven itself.”

A quick note on two books I read recently:

  • The Psychopath Test (kobo | amazon) by Jon Ronson was funny, sort of useful, and a little worrying. You might recognize the author’s name — he’s the guy who wrote The Men Who Stare At Goats. This book is just as filled with odd characters and gentle mysteries. Amusing, if a little too light with the subject matter, but still made me snicker out loud a couple of times.
  • And then there was Unbroken (kobo | amazon) by Laura Hillenbrand, the mesmerizing story of Louis Zamperini. I’d link to his Wikipedia page but it gives away too much. I found myself ignoring other important things to go lie in bed and read this book. There was no fiction or elaboration to it…just a story that would be unbelievable if it hadn’t actually happened. I’m not usually one to recommend biographies, but I’d recommend this book to anyone.


Photo by onebadpenny, used under Creative Commons license