Photo by Dennis From Atlanta, used under Creative Commons license

"I'm going to start beating the shit out of you in the next five seconds."

Perhaps influenced by the supermoon, we decided to watch The Grey (imdb | rotten tomatoes) last night. I honestly didn’t expect a lot from it, but it was okay. Not great, but definitely entertaining. And Liam Neeson continues to have a special talent: making himself sound like the kind of guy who’s smiling and pulling you a pint whilst simultaneously threatening to beat you to death.

By the way, we only watched The Grey last night after trying to watch Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (imdb | rotten tomatoes) but giving up 35 minutes in. It was terrible. Seriously, terrible. We both wanted to keep watching to see if it got better, but it was just so annoying. One shudders to think how many bloody horse heads must have been slipped under Hollywood bedsheets to get that piece of crap on Oscar’s best picture shortlist. Blech.


Photo by Dennis From Atlanta, used under Creative Commons license

It's like spaghetti, except it's more square than round

What a goddamn enjoyable day. No one stellar thing to trump all others, just a collection of goodness. Examples:

  • Eating rosemary/olive bread and cloth-bound cheddar and pineapple for breakfast, which sounds disgusting but was awesome.
  • Getting some work done. (Okay, so this isn’t particularly fun, but it feels good to get it out of the way and not have to go to the office.)
  • Listening to the new Elbow album, which is excellent, and the new PJ Harvey, which I hated at first but now cannot shake from my head.
  • Lunch at La Bettola di Terroni which, despite being right around the corner from us, we’d never tried. It was fantastic. I had the braised beef agnolotti in a sage brown butter sauce; Nellie had the chitarra pasta in a lemon cream sauce with sausage & truffles. We also helped the couple sitting next to us, in town from North Carolina, to find a place to spend the day (the Distillery District) and eat dinner (Origin).
  • Gathering supplies at a less-crowded-than-normal St. Lawrence Market, as well as two bottles of Flat Rock (Riesling, Pinot Noir) for this weekend’s meals.
  • Espresso. For which I have apparently developed a taste (need?).
  • Submitting 2010 taxes avec healthy return.
  • Running 4.5km and feeling pretty good doing it.
  • Eating a fairly tasty meal from Golden Thai (after we found out the even-closer Thai place, Ivory Thailand, had been replaced by a French bistro some 3 hours earlier) along with the afore-mentioned Riesling.
  • Watching many episodes of Sons of Anarchy (imdb).
  • Admiring the supermoon.
  • Booking a kick-ass campsite for this fall’s excursion.