"You think I'm an arsehole. And I'm not, really. I'm just British."

As a little prelude to this fall’s Napa/Sonoma trip, we watched Bottle Shock (imdb | rotten tomatoes) yesterday. Not great. It swung too wildly between the good (Alan Rickman, as always, and the beautiful California countryside) and the bad (70s clothing turns my stomach, as do Bill Pullman and the non-Kirk Chris Pine) for me to recommend it, but damn if it make me want to pull another bottle out of the wine fridge.

Way at the other end of the bleak-meter was The Road (imdb | rotten tomatoes), which I kind of assumed they’d ruin, especially after seeing Charlize Theron in the previews. But they didn’t ruin it at all, and Theron’s part of the mother actually helped, I think. Certainly they explain more about the story’s genesis to the viewer than to those who read the book, but it was probably necessary. Anyway, watching it made me want to read more Cormac McCarthy, so I pulled Blood Meridian off the shelf and set to it last night. I reckon I’ll be despondent by tomorrow and homicidal by Friday.

Ready for One Eye

Our TIFF email just arrived. Being 36 boxes back didn’t hurt us too badly at all, as we got four of our 1st picks and one 2nd pick:

  1. The Ape (tiff), so we miss The Trotsky
  2. Triage (tiff), so we miss Up In The Air
  3. Valhalla Rising (tiff), so we miss The Road
  4. Accident (tiff), so we miss Whip It
  5. Leslie, My Name Is Evil (tiff), so we miss The Front Line

Whip It was the only first choice we missed, and normally I would never first a film that’s so obviously going to be in theatres soon, but I think the idea of spending a couple of hours with Drew Barrymore messed with our judgment. We put The Road and Up in the Air second for the same reason: they’ll obviously have a wide release, and soon.

All in all I feel great about our picks, but I’m especially glad that we changed our minds last-minute and went with Valhalla Rising. My only complaint now is that we could only do five, but I’m sure I’ll get over it when I’m sitting in St-Germain having a croissant.