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“I could’ve sworn you were with the FBI.”

The 2013 movie-watching continues:

12 Years A Slave (imdb | rotten tomatoes) was really good, and had superb performances, but despite a 2:14 running time actually felt rushed. It’s such an epic story that it cries out to be longer, especially to help portray the agonizing futility and despair that Solomon must have felt. The film wants to be a 5-hour director’s cut, and I want to watch it.

I found it odd that The Spectacular Now (imdb | rotten tomatoes) ended up near the top of the RT scores from last year, given that it looked like a standard-issue coming-of-age story. It wasn’t, and I’m glad someone’s making something aimed at teenagers that actually makes them think, but I didn’t think it was a 92% movie.

Finally, a 2014 production, and one my wife’s been waiting for: Veronica Mars (imdb | rotten tomatoes). She threw in for the kickstarter fund, so she got to download it on Friday and, after a long week, we drank wine and ate pizza and relived our Veronica Mars years. So, 2005-2007. It wasn’t bad, so long as you watched the TV show; if you didn’t I expect you’d be lost. So you should just watch the TV show, even season 3. It’s worth it.


Cover photo by cyclonebill, used under Creative Commons license


Why yes, I had a nice weekend, thank you. And you?

Beerbistro patio: Weihenstephaner, Anchor Steam, Maudite. St. Louis Wings (!): 10 original buffalo and a sneak preview of Montreal’s next opponent. Slight hangover. Vet appointment: (reasonably) clean bill of health. Kittens. St. Lawrence Market. Practically the entire first season of Veronica Mars. A bottle of Southbrook Cabernet rosé. California trip planning. Cumbrae’s steaks and a bottle of 2007 Thirty Bench Cabernet Franc (the Johnny Cash wine) and Ontario strawberries. The Informant! (imdb | rotten tomatoes). Up early. Starbucks, so help me. A little work. Bier Markt: patio seats and Blanche de Chambly and two Weihenstephaner (seriously, when summer hits I just cannot pass up this beer) and lots of wurst. The dramatic conclusion of Veronica Mars season one. Desperate need for — and frustrating inability to — nap.

Now, game one of the NHL’s Eastern Conference semifinals. Be still, my yawning and yet overly nervous heart.

All 4 ratings

Oh god. No. Please, please no.

The popular 1990s TV series Beverly Hills 90210 — the numbers refer to the wealthy enclave’s zip code — may be getting a spinoff. The CW network is said to be developing a contemporary spinoff of Aaron Spelling’s teen soap, which starred Canada’s Jason Priestly and Shannen Doherty as Minnesota teens who move into L.A.’s richest community.

The rumour is that Rob Thomas — creator of the excellent (at first, anyway) series Veronica Mars — is supposed to direct. Culturally speaking, I’d say this is the rough equivalent of Weezer covering the debut album by Color Me Badd.

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