The guys dressed in brown are just ridiculous

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging more lately. I have interesting topics lines up, really I do, but Wii Sports Resort is sucking up ALL MY GODDAMN TIME!!!!!1! More specifically, level 19 of the Swordfighting showdown. I cannot beat it. I got to 94% once, and have never gotten that close again. I’ve been hurling a lot of curse words in general direction of the TV/Wii, and am constantly on the verge of throwing the Wii remote through my window in a fit of anger.

Your regularly scheduled blogging will resume once I figure out a way to kill all these cartoony little bastards. Stay tuned.

In which I enter my mid-30s

Well that was a pretty good 34th birthday, considering it was in the middle of the week and I was at work for most of it. Nellie surprised me with two presents in the morning (Wii Sports Resort, which I can tell is going to be hours of swordfighting & wakeboarding fun, and a fancy new Hugo Boss jacket). At the office some folks took T-Bone and I out for lunch, and other co-workers had a cake in the afternoon. I got some good news at work (which I shall keep to myself) then came home and played the Wii for a while while Nellie cooked us up a ginormous Cumbrae’s steak. We paired it with the bottle of Eclipse we got at L’Acadie earlier this month and ate while we caught up on Durham County. After some happy birthdays phone calls (how quaint) we had a quick video chat with my brothers and sisters-in-law since they’re all in one place right now.

Back to work tomorrow morning, which sucks, but that’s the price I pay for using up all my vacation on France and Nova Scotia. Happy non-birthday, rest of world!