no more kate beckinsdale, no more julia roberts

the two funniest scenes in moviedom, i have decided, both feature john cusack and jeremy piven.

  1. say anything: when jeremy piven tackles john cusack after the party, demanding his keys, and cusack grabs him by the collar and yells “you must chill! you must chill! i have hidden your keys!”, it kills me every time.
  2. grosse pointe blank: again, it’s these two in a car, when in the middle of a conversation – with no warning – jeremy piven just smashes his hand down on the horn and yells, “ten years!”. i watch it, i laugh, i back it up, i watch it, i laugh. repeat ad nauseum.

it’s almost enough to make me watch serendipity, just to see if another scene like that occurs. the fact that kate beckinsdale is in it, though, just puts me right off the idea.

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