bob…no, bob. oh, god, no. please…don't. bob. come back.

i’m listening to mp3s from modulate by bob mould. bob! what’re you doing, man? c’mon! you’re brilliant, you helped completely change punk and you nearly invented ‘alternative’ music…so what the hell are you doing? black sheets of rain? now that was brilliant. last dog and pony show? brilliant. workbook? brilliant. every sugar cd? brilliant. your self-titled cd from a few years ago? ummm, not bad. but this?

i can’t do it. i can’t go see you at the phoenix next month. sorry, dude. i saw you last time, it was tremendous, a concert to end all concerts, but…i just can’t stomach the idea of watching you roll this big hunk of manure off the stage and onto the crowd. i can’t.


get well soon.

hold me.

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