more movies

  • the apartment: oldie with jack lemmon and shirley maclaine – who, incidentally, was kinda hot when she was young – was pretty good, actually. not having grown up with movies of the era, i always find the acting kind of wooden, except for lemmon who was always brilliant. not bad, movie-wise.
  • heavy: i’ve been meaning to see this for years. i was surprised to have recognize evan dando right away, since ‘ve never seen him on screen before. must’ve been the voice. liv tyler was really good, better than in everything else she’s done short of stealing beauty, deborah harry was good, shelly winters was good and pruitt taylor vince was amazing. i noticed how they made every male other than victor a complete asshole, but what was with the airplanes all the time?
  • i shot andy warhol: a little disappointing; lily taylor was incredible, but the movie itself was only so-so. not great, not terrible.
  • josie and the pussycats: believe it or not, i loved it. i had no idea it was all anti-corporate, and whther it worked or not doesn’t matter so much. i laughed all the way through. i love parker posie. i LOVE rosario dawson. and rachel leigh cook (now). and if tara reid would justlay off the makeup…anyway, it was good. dujour means seatbelts!!

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