more movies

  • bullets over broadway: normally i hate woody allen movies, but this one was pretty funny. john cusack and jennifer tilly were good, but dianne wiest was great. shh…don’t speak. don’t speak!!
  • othello: strangely, i’d never read othello or seen it in play/movie format…except for seeing “O” last year, but that was a tragedy for different reasons. william shakespeare must look down fromw whatever perch he’s sitting on these days and just thanks his lucky stars for kenneth branagh. the guy’s amazing.
  • blue velvet: o. ver. rate. ted. man, what a disappointment. i should’ve known better than to take everyone’s word for it that this movie was a classic. it came out in 1986. nothing that came out in 1986 can be a classic. dennis hopper and kyle maclachlan were just annoying, and what the hell was going on with dean stockwell? gah.
  • bob roberts: laughed my ass off. “right is right, left is wrong”. it’s such a great parody of american politics and media shortsightedness. rent it. memorize the songs. you’ll hear them (spoken, maybe, not sung) over the next two years or so.

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