film fest, part the fourth

5 down, 3 to go. last night’s movie was…different, without a doubt.

  • François Ozon’s movie 8 femmes is, as Piers Handling says, “a giant chocolate cake of a movie.” a mystery, a comedy, an absurdist crime thriller, even a musical. catherine deneuve showed up for a standing ovation and then watched the audience swing from laughter to mild confusion. i think the movie lost a few people who like their movies a little more formulaic, but most seemed impressed. as for me, i liked it, even though i usually detest musicals. the movie never took itself seriously enough for the music to seem overbearing; instead, it was quirky like your weirder friends. not for everyone, but most peope seemed to enjoy it. i believe i’ll put it in third place. the rankings, in case anyone’s interested, are as follows:
    1. laurel canyon
    2. the emperor’s club
    3. 8 femmes
    4. talk to her
    5. adolphe (in this case, the gap between #4 and #5 is like the distance between “good” and “pig-nasty”)

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