the drama the drama

so, not only was tonight’s movie one of the best yet, there was some additional drama right next to us in the theatre.

  • i admit that i haven’t seen many stephen frears movies. really, high fidelity is the only one i’ve seen, but i’ve been meaning to see the grifters. anyway, last night’s movie was dirty pretty things, a pretty remarkable flick. audrey tautou must’ve really been trying to find a role completely removed from the saccharine amelie. piers handling pointed out that, in the whole movie (which is set in london) you never really see any “typical” british people. just immigrants, some legal, some not so much. anyway, it was a great movie…beautifully shot, gritty and posh at he same time (not unlike london), interesting and with real characters. there was a bit of a predictable twist at the end though. i must admit, i missed most of the last 5 or 6 minutes as someone was having a medical emergency right in front of us (he was fine, in the end), but i think i got the gist of it. even not knowing what happened in those scenes, this film belongs in my top three of the festival for sure (along with laurel canyon and assassination tango).

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