TIFF, day 1

  • I Love Your Work: 8 out of 10. Adam Goldberg’s second movie, with Giovanni Ribisi playing a character who seemed to be modelled on Goldberg himself. Kind of a twisting story, and a couple of times I felt smart because I was sure I’d figured out what was really happening, but it didn’t actually go that way, so it kept me guessing and admiring the shots and cuts that got increasingly manic along with the main character. Most of the cast showed up: Goldberg, Ribisi, Franka Potente, Christina Ricci (who’s h-o-t-t hot), etc. They held a Q & A afterward; some guy in the audience asked a really bizarre, long-winded, non-sensical question that had everyone in the audience laughing at him. After, we headed to movie #2.
  • The Event: 6 out of 10. I still haven’t seen Thom Fitzgerald’s first movie, The Hanging Garden, or his second, Beefcake, but they won him acclaim in Canada. This was a bigger budget movie for him, and included a good cast — Sarah Polley, Parker Posie, Olympia Dukakis, Don McKellar and Jane Leeves (who, unfortunately, never made me think of anyone but Daphne) — most of whom showed up and answered questions after the film. I thought it was a good idea done clumsily. Parker Posie and Sarah Polley who are usually infallible, in my opinion, seemed wooden, or appeared to be reaching. Olympia Dukakis is always solid, and Don McKellar’s a very underrated actor, so I was expecting more. So it was good, but didn’t live up to how great the cast could’ve been. Interesting note, too: this was the first movie filmed in Manhattan after the terrorist attacks, and it works its way into the movie in subtle shades, and I was glad for that. It would’ve been easy to make a ham-handed attempt to draw the stories together, and I was relieved that they didn’t. Why use one tragedy to batter another out of our heads?

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