New CDs

  • Frankenixon . Depth Perception: I’d never heard of them either. They’re an indie band from, like, Wisconsin or something, but I downloaded a song called “Posers” that blew me away. It’s almost prog in a way, and sounds like it’s about to wank, but pull back from the edge just long enough to produce something fairly fresh.
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club . Take Them On, On Your Own: It’s like part II of their debut album. Not a bad thing, obviously, but I was hoping for a little progression. Still, twice as much of a good thing is an even gooder thing.
  • Spiritualized . Amazing Grace: Stripped down (well, relatively speaking) and raw, Jason Pierce seems to be taking note of the new punk/blues/garage movement and applying it to his stuff. “This Little Life Of Mine” and “Let It Rain Down” kick ass. I wonder if the arm on the front of the cd case is a challenge to critics, or just another blank canvas for his habits…

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