Matrix: Revolutions

Have you watched the original Matrix recently? It looks so strange now, after seeing Reloaded (the second movie in the series)…rawer, more surprising. Reloaded seemed arrogant, like it didn’t have to win your affection, didn’t have to stun you, kick you bleeding and cheering from the theatre. Reloaded was the indie band who’d gotten cool and knew it. That said, I liked it more the second time I watched it, but it was just a good movie, hardly a great one.

Revolutions had the chance to redeem the idea, and it succeeded, but barely. Revolutions was good, and it wrapped up the series nicely, but I’m glad it’s done. It’s been done since the end of the first movie, dying a slow and slick death. Some people will be disappointed by the ending, everyone will love the final battle with Smith, lots of people will be confused by the Zion battle, and there will be great contention as to whether this is a good movie. Rotten Tomates says no. Metacritic says not so much.

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