Long time gone

Sorry, kiddies, I haven’t posted in ages. I was away on holidays, celebrating xmas, getting married, dreading work, yada. Here’s what I’ve seen since last we spoke:

  • Cold Mountain: Jude Law: excellent. Renee Zellweiger: excellent. Small part by Philip Seymour Hoffman: excellent. Scenery: excellent. JackWhite: excell…well, not great acting-wise, but the music was good. Nicole Kidman: overrated, as usual. Still, worth a watch. Be forewarned, though, it’s 2.5 hours, and the time doesn’t fly like it does in a Peter Jackson film.
  • The Last Samurai: Mix one part “Dancing With Wolves” and one part “Braveheart”. Stir. Leave theatre completely indifferent to previous 2 hours. Forget.

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