The Corporation

Picking up where Manufacturing Consent left off, The Corporation is another documentary that just leaves you shaking your head. I’m probably a little more torn than the average ticket buyer for this movie, what with my commerce degree and the dogma drilled into my head about the holiness of free market enterprise. The filmmakers don’t hide the fact that they’re biased, but they let the mild psychosis of the CEOs and think-tankers speak for itself. Most interestingly, the filmmakers aren’t pushing for the evil corporations to go away, or to supplant capitalism in favour of communism; they’re pushing for corporations to stop using their loopholes and begin using their consciences. And the implied message to the viewer is this: the next time you buy shares or enjoy dividends from certain companies whose records aren’t quite spotless, think about what you saw in this movie.

Reviews: eye magazine, now magazine, the globe and mail, the star.

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