Hot Docs, part the third

A double feature (hot docs) last night: the short The Zone followed by the hour-long War Feels Like War. The Zone was actually just a series of still black & white photos with voiceover, about a Jewish photographer who took shots of suburban French neo-nazi gangs years ago. It was disturbing merely for the reason that these gangs actually existed.

War Feels Like War was more current, a look at independant journalists in Iraq. Or, more to the point, in Kuwait City trying to get into Iraq. You could tell it was made by an inexperienced hand, but no less passionate. You felt their frustration, first at being shut out by the US military as punishment for not being “embeds”, then at the Kuwaiti police for not letting them across the border, and finally — when they did get into Iraq — at not being able to help the Iraqi civilians who were losing their homes and lives.

Q&A afterward was interesting, with one very dumb (and yet, persistent) question-asker, one Republican, one rambler and a few intelligent folks thrown in for good measure.

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