The Psycho Punk Blues Stomp Freak Queen

This is an email from my brother; it seems he quite enjoyed the PJ Harvey concert in London Thursday night…

Polly Jean Harvey, you are the Psycho Punk Blues Stomp Freak Queen, and I’m in love with you.

I was there at the Brixton Academy last night for the agreed time of our rendez-vous. I must admit, I was a bit surprised to see so many other people milling about, but I guess that’s bound to happen in Brixton on a Thursday night. I was even more surprised to be first greeted by xxxxx, or, as I believe I’ll call him, Mr. Dissonance. Unrestrained by the notion of “keys” he played his rock guitar songs without much accompaniment. If it hadn’t been for cool set-closer “Frankenstein’s Daughter”, I wouldn’t have thought much of him.

But you were perfect, my dear. You strutted so boldly for one so vanishingly tiny. Your tight red dress and long books were an excellent and flattering choice. The band towered above you, but you were a giant of power and will and glaring sardonic passion. And love for me, of course.

The songs you played me were divine: the fuzzy deep bass, the shrieking-to-tender tones of your voice, the bluesy guitars, were true testimonials of love. I recognised nearly all your latest songs, like “Life and Death of Mr. Badmouth”, “Pocket Knife”, and the stage-lurching body-spazz of “Who the Fuck?”

But I longed for, and got, the old familiar songs: “To Bring You My Love”, “C’mon Billy”, “The Whores Hustle and the Hustlers Whore”. Best of all, by far, was the popping grind of “Meet Za Monsta”. Surely the intensity of that entire screaming performance is a sign of the undying feeling between us.

You prowled and growled, crouched down low, grabbed drumstricks to bash things, jerked freakishly about, and danced like someone with virgin limbs. Yet your total power gave you a complete sexiness, a hot, searing right to command me and everything that stands in your way. You were an elemental destruction of convention and inhibition, my darling. You entranced me.

I was sad that I did not hear “Down By the Water”, “Rid of Me”, “50 ft Queenie”, “This Is Love”, or “Long Snake Moan”. But you know best, my dear, and we have only a short time together and you have so many new songs to sing to me.

Some jealous person tried to convince me that you’re cheating on me, offering yourself up to someone else just the night before. I know it’s all lies. Your love is true.

Polly Jean Harvey, you are the Psycho Punk Blues Stomp Freak Queen, and I’m in love with you.

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