random spacey thoughts

Am I spacey because it’s Sunday morning? Or because of the meds? Dunno.

  • The Bourne Supremacy was good. Very good. Better than the first, maybe. I’m actually starting to buy Matt Damon as a super-killer guy.
  • Title of the sixth Star wars movie: “Revenge Of The Sith”. Which reminds me, because I was a card-carrying member of the Star wars fan club when I was little, I have – no doubt buried deep in a box in a cupboard in the attic somewhere – a patch (the kind you’re meant to sew on the front of a trucker hat) that says, “Revenge Of The Jedi”. They put out some promo gear with ‘Revenge’ in the title before changing it to ‘Return’.
  • I read yet another piece, this time in Backbone, that quotes the Barenaked Ladies‘ Ed Robertson argument. That argument is this:

    “I’m totally fine with people downloading music, as long as they steal everything that they want. If you want pants, go steal them. If you need gas in your car, you should steal it, because you can. As long as people are consistent I don’t have a problem. As long as they see themselves as thieves in general then I don’t mind if they steal everything that they like. But it irks me that it’s only okay to steal music.”

    I’ve ignored this for a while, but more and more dipshits are actually trying to use it as a valid argument. Mr. Ed doesn’t quite have his logic straight; the average user isn’t breaking into record label offices ninja-style and taking your masters, then uploading them on Kazaa. The average user is downloading music uploaded by someone who has bought your CD. The analogy then isn’t to stealing pants, it’s to using someone else’s. Let’s say I go to a store and buy a pair of pants and wear them once. I then give that pair of pants to a friend who wears them for a while and then passes them off to another friend. Both of these friends happen to know how to make clothes, and so they create their own copies of these pants – not as good, certainly, because they’re not professionally made – but serviceable. Am I to be charged because I loaned out those pants? Are the two other people thieves because they’ve taken pants that I willingly gave them and copied them? I understand that this analogy isn’t flawless, but I wanted to point out the flaw in Little Ed’s argument.

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