More zips

  • The Hanging Garden (imdb | rotten tomatoes | buy it) was Thom Fitzgerald‘s first big movie, and starred the actor who played one of my favourite characters on TV: Chris Todson on Traders. It was a weird mix of real and surreal, sometimes in the same shot, but it was good. Hard to find, but worth a rental.
  • The Station Agent (imdb | rotten tomatoes | buy it) was as good as I’d heard. The night that Peter Dinklage was on the Daily Show he was hilarious, and his comic timing (like when the old lady takes his picture) was perfect. Bobby Cannavalewas hilarious, and such a different character than what I’d seen him play before.
  • I’m pissed at myself. I watched the theatrical version of Alien 3 (imdb | rotten tomatoes | buy it) but then forgot to watch the extended edition before I mailed it back. I watched the first few minutes of the extended edition and it looked much cooler (even though the sound was screwed up, so we switched to the theatrical). I’ll have to rent it again. Anyway, the rumours were true: it pretty much sucked.

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