Another long weekend, thank Yahweh. It got started with some low-key birthday celebrations (my wife made me breakfast in bed, T-bone bought me some chocolates from JS Bonbons, Duarte took a guess that it was my birthday and bought me the new Thee Silver Mountain Reveries (aka A Silver Mt. Zion disc, then T-bone and Stanzi bought me lunch), then geared up somewhat. We didn’t do anything too big, which is just how I like my birthdays. T-bone and I hit the Duke of York for drinks, then met Stanzi and the wife for dinner at Fieramosca. Manoman, they spoil us there. By the time we left we were stuffed with bread, pasta, wine and limoncello, so the walk back to our place was painful and a little crooked. 3 more friends joined us; a few drinks and some cake (made by my lovely wife) later, we left for the theatre to watch The Village. Anyway, right after that 2 of our friends came back to our place for some scotch (using the monstrous new old fashioned glasses ze wife got me) before they caught the subway home. Happy birthday to me!

Today looks to be pretty laid back – it’s grey & rainy, and we have 3 Zip movies to watch – before we go to the Celtic/Roma match at Skydome tonight. Then we have two days to do whatever the frig we want!

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