Last night, after months of anticipation (my brother told me about the movie almost a year ago) I finally got to see Shaun Of The Dead (imdb | rotten tomatoes). My expectations were high, but justified; the movie was hilarious, scary enough in bits to make the crowd jump, almost like a date movie in parts, socially relevant and to top it all off had my girlfriend in it. What more could I want? The day Shaun available on DVD I’m plunking down my money. This is one I could watch many, many times.

To prep, we rented a few classic zombie movies before hand: Night Of The Living Dead and Dawn Of The Dead (the original) just so that we’d catch a few of the in-jokes contained in Shaun (“We’re coming to get you Barbara!!”). Both started off kind of slow but got better; I loved how Dawn was more a satirical poke at us than a zombie movie; the zombies were hardly scary at all, just lumbering around trying to negotiate escalators and simple doors. I wish they’d been able to keep that same satire in the remake.

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