I made a hard decision last night. For about 6 years I’ve been a faithful Globe and Mail subscriber, but last night I cancelled my subscription. I was incredibly annoyed by two things: 1) their move to paid-only content on their site, and 2) that someone like myself, already paying $28 a month for the paper edition, would be forced to spend another $8 to get to the same articles online. I can understand paying extra to get additional online stories and functionality, but paying twice for the same content just pisses me off.

I often link to stories from my blog, in order to discuss or further a point. I will no longer use the Globe as a source for many stories (nor could I; many stories are off limits to the general public).

So, as much as it pained me to do so, I ditched them. The Globe has lost my monthly subscription fees, and my advertising-revenue-generating web traffic (light as it may be). I’ll hate not being able to read my beloved Globe in the mornings, but I disagree with what they’re doing. I encourage all of you to cancel your subscriptions if you feel the same way; if you’re not a subscriber, send the Globe an email (Letters@GlobeAndMail.ca) to complain.

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