The Good, The Bad, etc.

We watched three movies over the course of the weekend. One good, one okay, one not so good.

  • Mean Girls was better than I expected from a quasi-teen movie. I actually laughed out loud a few times (like when the dude yells, “Ohmigod, Danny DeVito, I love your work!” my wife and I howled. And it was written by my girlfriend (who also acted in the movie), and starred North America’s current barely-legal crush…strong points all.
  • Jersey Girl was about as good as I’d heard it would be. Kind of schmaltzy, not terribly funny, contained awful awful Jennifer Lopez performance as well as cute kid, but was redeemed in a minor way by serviceable Ben Affleck work and an endearing performance by my girlfriend. Not terrible. Not terribly good either.
  • Taking Lives was just south of good. I’ve seen worse, certainly, but that’s not exactly praise. I hate it when they substitute one city for another, but get lazy about it. I mean, I live in Toronto, which is stand-in city to the Hollywood world for financial reasons, but why would they say it’s Montreal but film it in Quebec City? Does Montreal not look enough like Montreal? Anyway, despite the usual good work from my girlfriend, the movie was entirely too predictable. Pass on this one.

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