So, we made it back okay (obviously). Our flight got in late last night, about 90 minutes later than we expected, but that’s hardly out of the ordinary when travelling around xmas. Weather considered, we didn’t fare too badly at all.

Once I figure out an easy way to transfer the notes from my blackberry to my PC (new laptop; the desktop manager software isn’t installed yet) I’ll post all thoughts and musings. Really, had I known before I started writing the notes that my new Blackberry would get a signal in the wilds of NS I would’ve just waited and posted regularly via email. Oh well, now I know.

I’ll try to post the rest of the stuff tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. Who do you write this crap for? Yourself? I can’t see why anyone would care the least about a stranger’s tedious life. Have you ever thought of that? I just read someone else’s blog who actually was FUNNY. See, that’s what is required to interest someone who doesn’t know you. Come to think of it, even someone who DOES know you would be bored out of their skull by the contents of your blog.

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