Had to go to Shopper’s to get some sinus meds, as I can no longer breathe through my nose and my head is killing me. Decided to pick up a small case of pop while there; as soon as I lift it off the pile the other end opens up and cans go flying everywhere. Some nice guy — who I think has realized that I’m very sick and very out of it — helps me pick them up.

Thus, armed with a bad mood, I walk home. Some guy in front of me tears open a new pack of smokes, drops the plastic and foil on the ground and lights up on front of me, blowing smoke back into my face. I mutter, “asshole” a little louder than I should, and he turns to look at me but doesn’t say anything. I don’t know if I was more pissed about having smoke blown in my face, or about the fact that he just tossed his shit onto the sidewalk, like he’s entitled to use Yonge Street as his personal dump. Fuck him.

MAN, I hate sinus colds.

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  1. You may well be the most boring person who keeps a blog (or perhaps the most boring person, period). Why broadcast your boringness to the world, though? You should keep that your own little secret.

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