Post-vacation movies

So we came home to find 4(!) Zip DVDs waiting for us (to go with the one already sitting on our TV stand), most of which we’ve watched already.

  • We watched the last 5 episodes of The Wire, and we’re every bit as addicted to it as we were to Six Feet Under or The Sopranos. I love how it makes you work to understand it, how it doesn’t slow anything down for you, how it makes you keep up just the way the cops and criminals have to. In the final episode they made little references to things that had happened in the first one or two episodes, references that would make no sense to someone who hadn’t watched the series from the beginning. I loved it.
  • Luther was a pretty good movie as well, one that I’ve been waiting to see for a long time but had trouble finding. I knew very little about Martin Luther, so it was interesting to watch…a litte skewed obviously, as it was partially funded by a Lutheran bank, but well worth a watch.
  • More episodes from season 4 of South Park. That show just kills me.

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