The fucdown

If you rent three movies, all of which are slow and/or depressing, and you feel the need to rent a fourth movie — action-y, dumb — to break the dreariness up, don’t let it be The Rundown (imdb | rotten tomatoes), no matter what Roger Ebert says. And don’t let one of the three be We Don’t Live Here Anymore (imdb | rotten tomatoes) either.

New Trail Of Dead disc out tomorrow. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it. Metacritic kinda likes it, but Pitchfork…not so much. I wonder if they’re just trying to recover from the 10.0 they gave Source Tags And Codes? By the way, as of this blog entry Pitchfork hadn’t published the review yet, but their page naming scheme isn’t exactly rocket science…

Also coming out tomorrow: Low‘s The Great Destroyer (which I’ve ordered) and season 2 of The Wire. I may be (cough, cough) sick the next few days. (cough, cough)

By the way, today’s post title comes to you courtesy of a distinguished gentleman named JBenum. It’s a very long story.

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