So Biff’s was a fine way to kick off Winterlicious They seemed to be in mid-chaotic spin when we arrived, so we waited 20 minutes for our table (next to a rather pungent cheese tray). However, the server was terribly nice and the maitre’d was very apologetic, and the food was worth the wait.

The butternut squash soup with blue cheese was excellent. So was the coq au vin. The ice cream was good, as far as ice creams go, and made me want to visit Soma even more than I already do.

We were having a raucous, crazy, nutty, insane, call-the-cops time with G&C, but since I have to get up early tomorrow and head up north, I was the pooper of this particular party and so decided to go home.

Next up: The Strip House with T-Bone.

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