I’m doin’ it. I’m taking the plunge. I’m shifting my paradigms. I’m, uh…folding my balloon?* I’ve decided to do as my brother is doing (as little brothers so often do)…I’m ripping all my CDs (I have around 500) to my 40GB Nomad, to go along with the ~1300 MP3s I already so that a) I can have my entire music collection in my pocket, and b) I can put my CDs in a box and save myself a ton of room). This is a huge thing for me. I’m about as emotionally attached to my CDs as a person can be to inanimate objects; this is like locking kittens in a cage in the basement. Kinda.

I got started today. I ordered a 120GB hard drive, with which I’ll store all my MP3s (not to mention pictures). Once it arrives I’ll start ripping and transferring to the Nomad. Hooyah.

* I dunno.

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  1. Be brave. You can do it. Just watch out for all the stupid things people have submitted to CDDB: I find that I’m always disagreeing about the genres and titling some other moron has come up with for my CDs.

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