This radio thing might actually take off

I haven’t listened to music radio in years. I stopped listening to The Edge in 2001 when it became a constant loop of Creed & Nickelback (and thus, about as edgy as 1% milk). The only radio I’ve heard in the past 4 years is the occasional shot of CBC.

But now, after reading about the promise that internet radio is fulfilling at last, I decided to check out the link Duarte sent me a few days ago. About ten minutes ago I fired up So far they’ve played “On The Edge Of” by Low, “Catch Me Up” by Gomez, “Tear Off Your Own Head” by Elvis Costello and “Wake Up” by The Arcade Fire.

I’m converting all my CDs to MP3. I plan to listen to radio only through the internet. Viva la revolution.

update: Arcade Fire just finished. They’ve moved on to the Flaming Lips. I could be here a while.

0 thoughts on “This radio thing might actually take off

  1. It’s official: I love WOXY. I can stream it at work (usually our firewall blocks everything), they’ve introduced me to a new song (“Onions” by The Heartless Bastards) and they even took my request (Trail of Dead).

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