Busy day. We got up early so that we could get to St. Lawrence Market before it got downright zany, then came back uptown and had breakfast at that place one street over whose name I still don’t know. Mmmmmmm spicy sausage & eggs. We did some errands, I went for a run, and now the plan is to have dinner at the Rebel House and see a movie. If I have my way we’ll sneak in the last two episodes of Oz: Season 4 and watch the end of the basketball games. And, with any luck, the eating of chocolate will fall into the schedule somehow…

Need. Shower. Now.

[Update: Rebel House was great (as always), The Upside Of Anger (imdb | rotten tomatoes) was better than I expected and I scored an espresso brownie. The basketball games didn’t go so well though; had Arizona held on to their late 11 point lead, Nellie would have had a very good shot at winning the pool. But Illinois squeaked it out, and now she’s screwed like me.]

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