Mmmmmm, siroopwafelen!

My brother and his girlfriend gave my wife and I some odd Dutch treats for xmas, called Siroopwafelen. Honestly, I stuck them in the back of our cupboard and forgot about them until this past weekend, when a little spring cleaning revealed them. Despite the best before date of ’01 02 2005′, I threw one into the microwave. Not bad! Little thin waffels (as the name would suggest) with a bit of syrup in the middle (ditto). The syrup (so to speak; this isn’t exactly premium grade Nova Scotia maple product we’re talking about here…) melts and you get a sweet, gooey cookie.

And really, anything with the description “extra grote” on the packaging just has to be good.

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  1. “Odd Dutch treats”? Hardly! Fly out of Schipol airport in Amsterdam and you’ll see cases and cases of them, stacked everywhere in duty free. Probably more stroopwafel (another name for them) than cheese. I get some every time I go.

    Nice trick: make a mug of your favourite hot beverage. Put the waffle on top for a few minutes; it’ll warm it just the right amount. Eat. Smack lips. Have another.

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