Now I remember why we haven’t been to the Bedford Academy much lately. Four of us — myself, T-Bone, Stanzi and Nellie — popped in for a quick drink last night after work. Practically every table in the place was reserved, so we couldn’t get a good table. Then when our first round of drinks arrived there was no celery in T-Bone’s ceaser (despite the menu saying there should be); inquiries to the server were met with, “yeah, there’s no celery”. Great, thanks. We ordered some appetizers; Stanzi’s flatbreads were completely stale so she sent them back. After a looooong time with no waitress sightings, she finally brought our second round. My Amsterdam nut brown was like water; the other two beer drinkers at the table confirmed that it wasn’t just a problem with my taste buds. I just couldn’t be bothered to send it back.

We left after about two hours, and most of the reserved seats were still empty. We’d seen our server maybe four or five times.

Won’t be going back there anytime soon. With Fieramosca next door and The Duke across the street, why should we?

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