The Toronto media has fallen into a state of CNN-like missing-pretty-white-girl dodginess. While I certainly hope Alicia Ross is soon found safe, I find it disgusting that missing white women (especially young, pretty ones) get ’round-the-clock coverage on American cable news (see Laci Peterson, Natalee Holloway or whatserface the runaway bride) while non-white women hardly warrant a mention (see Tamika Huston or Latoya Figueroa). Seeing local media fall into the same pattern is upsetting.

If you doubt this at all, doing a google news search for Alicia Ross will produce 224 hits (at the time of writing). Searching for Aziz Fatima Nizam Ahman who’s been missing for six days gets you 1 hit.

Missing? Check. Female? Check. Young? Check. Pretty? Check. White? Sorry. Hence, 224 to 1.

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  1. I hope that Alicia Ross is found alive and well like Fatima Nizam Ahmanound has been. I feel so sad for all the families that are missing loved ones. I do understand what you wrote that pretty white people are in the news more however I also feel that we should be happy that the media is showing these missing people and letting the public know what is going on. I wish all people were blind to colour and race. Change is slow in so many ways. I guess I wish we didn’t have to feel it necessary to complain that one race gets more attention in the media then another race when both are so equally important and both have families that love them and just want them to come home safe. I hope that the media reads your views and it changes the way they conduct things so that all families get the best possible outcome! Race should have nothing to do with that. Cheers

  2. It seems that you have falled into a cliche American criticism. Don’t pretend that we have the same racial issues as they do. This case is significant on its facts. After all, she disappeared from her house after midnight–foul play is almost a certainty, whereas the other cases you mentioned, are not of the same certainty or fact pattern. Your criticism is juvenile and a regurgitation of the talk show journalism that you pretend to disdain. sad.

  3. Just like a small minded person to latch on to an obvious typo.

    So…okay, the word was ‘fallen’ –point remains valid.

    kudos for you and your tribute to freedom of speech. what a great blog you got. awesome! to hell with debate.

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