I just walked by the TIFF processing centre (it’s practically around the corner from my office)…the lineup stretches all the way over the Bay Street and maybe further. Apparently this happens every year: people line up to get in the door at 9 AM…but they’ve already bought the tickets. They’re reserved. Getting there early doesn’t help you in any way.

And each year I see people walk out with their request forms and begin madly scanning the forms, trying to pick their films as quickly as possible so they can submit their completed envelopes. It’s a random draw, you knobs! It doesn’t matter which box you put your envelope in. The last person to submit has just as good a chance to win the lottery as you do.

I’d like to think that anyone who sees the film festival is reasonably intelligent, so I put this down to herd mentality. Me, I’ll be sitting here at my computer, downloading the schedule from the website, drinking a dp. Losers.

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  1. Went back an hour later: hardly any lineup. And because I bought the bible I could skip the main line and waltz away.

    Still, the sheep were all sitting in every chair around rushing to fill out their forms. Baaa! Baaaaaaa!

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