I have no sympathy — zero — for people who whine about gas prices. The top story on the news this morning: hundreds dead from Hurricane Katrina. Story #2: the rise in gas prices because of the hurricane. Gas was selling for about $1.20 this morning at some GTA gas stations, and you’d think the goddamn apocalypse was nigh.

Get it straight, people: low gas prices aren’t a human right. It’s not guaranteed anywhere in the charter. It’s a fucking commodity, and the people who control it can charge you whatever the hell they like. Ever notice how airine tickets double in price around Christmas? It’s not because the airlines improve their service (god knows), or because it’s harder to fly at that time of year. It’s because they know people will pay it. Is it greedy? Of course. Is it gouging? Absolutely. Airlines and oil companies aren’t in it to be altruistic, they’re in it to make enormous amount of money…just like every other for-profit business ever incorporated in the history of the world.

And why shouldn’t they gouge us? We keep paying for it. We tell ourselves that cars are absolutely vital to our survival, and we just keep lining up to suck their nozzles no matter how many times they punch us in the face. We keep moving further and further away from our workplaces, naively assuming that there will always be low gas prices and open highways to take us wherever we want. For example, take the woman interviewed in this story who says, “I do an hour and a half every day to and from work, so this is not good.” No fucking shit, lady, did you think you were ordering a pizza? If you have to drive 90 minutes (presumably by highway) each way to get to work, you’ve made a really shitty decision somewhere along the way. Move closer to work. Take a GO train. Car pool. Trade up to a hybrid. Do anything, but please, just stop whining about how you’ve become a victim of your own excesses. It’s boring.

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  1. Try a mortgage, kids, loans, etc + living where public transit is not an option. Gas prices may affect you. 🙂

  2. But by choosing to live somewhere with no public transit, far enough away from work that you have to drive, you’ve made the decision to live and die by the car (and gas prices). While it’s a valid and necessary choice for many, I don’t think people who have made that choice — and itis a choice — can expect much sympathy when the price goes up.

    It gets dragged out of the ground in the most politically unstable place on earth, shipped halfway around the world in supertankers, refined in enormous factories, distributed by truck to tens of thousands of gas stations everywhere oin the world and pumped into your car at the push of a button…and it still costs less than milk or bottled water. And people still think it’s too expensive? Please.

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